CE-marking for external doors (GB)

The CE-mark for external doors: As of 1st February 2010 the CE mark will be mandatory on all external doors and windows that are traded among the EU member states. The purpose is the creation of a uniform and independent description of the products' performance and characteristics based upon tests carried out. In this way, consumers will have a clear overview of the function and performance of an external doorset. This European norm is identifiable as EN 14351-1.

Moralt has carried out all necessary tests to a successful conclusion and can offer the door manufacturer the CE mark by way of a "partnership in competence". A handbook is also available where this comprehensive know-how has been put together so that the most varied of door configurations can be manufactured with the standards of tomorrow. It is in this way that you too can now produce certified CE doorsets, without the restrictive costs and labour in undertaking the tests yourselves. Let Moralt do the work for you! Take full advantage of this "competence partnership" that Moralt are offering, so that you can focus fully on your business and its future success.

Peace of mind from the licensor with the CE "Quality mark": Your customer will be able to clearly see the tested quality of the door core with the Moralt CE "Quality mark", which is placed on the inside of the rebate of the door. The performance characteristics are tested against the norm EN 14351-1 and are accessible to see for each doorset as part of the CE scheme. In this way the consumer is able to recognise and compare the quality of the door they are buying. This "Quality mark" stands not only for quality, but also for security, performance and innovation.

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