The fire resistant life–saver

FERRO FireSafe sets new standards in fire protection. FERRO FireSafe house door blanks are the perfect basis for fire resistant external doors. Moralt has successfully passed all necessary tests and compiled the know-how for you – please contact us and we will provide you with the relevant documents. Please be aware of the nationally stipulated usability certificates.

FERRO FireSafe stands for doors of highest quality with veneer strips and vertically aligned annual rings, laminated and finger-jointed casings in selected high-quality timber with weatherproof layers. The patented flat steel stabilizer (Patent No. 19910026) is thermally isolated to prevent thermal bridges. The specific insulation layers can easily be processed with standard woodworking tools. All FERRO FireSafe models reach best values in CE performance characteristics according to EN 14351-1.

In addition to its fire resistance characteristics, FERRO FireSafe KlimaSoft also offers a solid thermal insulation. FERRO FireSafe Passiv even reaches the required values for low-energy and Passive houses with the Passive house-certificate. This, along with its thermal insulation and its sophisticated construction technology, provides ideal conditions for a cosy and reliable indoor climate.

The model FERRO FireSafe Akustik provides fire resistance as well as a high quality acoustic insulation for a safe and peaceful interior.

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