The climate-protective for a healthy environment

Production of the climate-protective – Moralt FERRO Klima external door blank and SANDWICH Klima door panels - preserve fossil resources and save energy. This commitment to environmental protections is evident since almost 100% of our raw materials are being gained from sustainable resources. Even the insulating inner layers consist of light, pressure-resistant and thermally-insulating solid timber. This reduces its impact on the development of carbon dioxide and thus on the greenhouse effect. Its excellent and ecologically valuable thermal insulation and its special components provide a positive and comfortable climate. The flat steel stabilizer is thermally isolated by pressure-resistant lightwood that prevents any thermal bridges and avoids condensation problems. FERRO Klima is officially certified for Passive houses with best values in any performance classes, according to EN 14351-1. Benefit from Moralt’s FERRO Klima – for future generations.

FERRO Klima is a perfect combination of high environmental performance and energy efficiency. Moralt’s climate products meet not only the high-level standards for low-energy and Passive houses but also satisfy highest demands of responsible and climate-conscious house owners. Access this growth market for your own success while satisfying the needs and wants of your clients today and future generations.

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