FERRO Passiv – Moralt’s Energy Saver. Our insulation pro with Passive house certification for low-energy and Passive houses. Its high-quality thermal insulation and its technically sophisticated construction provide optimum conditions for a comfortable indoor climate. The specially isolated flat iron stabilizer prevents any thermal bridges and avoids condensation problems. FERRO PASSIV guarantees maximum technical strength and best-value performance in all classes according to EN 14351-1. Benefit from Moralt’s FERRO Passive and meet any future requirements today.

FERRO Passiv saves heating costs – a profitable investment for the future.
Enter emerging markets in the field of passive houses and highly insulated house segments and benefit from our technical head start for your own success. Moralt’s 98mm- Passive house system opens your customers the door to the future. With our innovation advantage the future has already begun. Moralt FERRO Passiv is also available as a passive house compliant door kit with accessories.

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