The door solution for individual fire and smoke protection doors

The technically sophisticated solution with maximum freedom in design. With Moralt’s LAMINESSE FireSmoke door blank and know-how, fire- and smoke-rated doors can be produced by any door manufacturer, who has successfully completed appropriate trainings, and can proof certification and factory audits according to the respective national building codes. Doors with a low deformation class despite high environmental pollution as well as escape doors are an ideal addition to the innovative fire- and smoke-rated doors’ program. Add value to your workshop; use Moralt’s range of expertise to accomplish your customers’ and architects’ individual wishes and ideas regarding doors of all kinds. Take advantage of know-how that your clients ask for and use this for your future success. Please ask for Moralt’s global assessments.

The extensive technical review program package for an impressive performance. After comprehensive test programs, Moralt offers an impressive range of assistance to your performance. Moralt’s LAMINESSE FireSmoke board in the maximum size of 2.070 x 5.200 mm gives you all the necessary options and variations to produce performance doors of excellent quality with highest flexibility and a great diversity in shape and style. In addition, our well-known co-operation partners provide you with a wide selection of best accessories. Benefit from a high-quality systematic application solution to realize efficient and design-oriented solutions on a high technical level.

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