Boden Creek Ecological Preserve Forest Carbon Project

Boden Creek Ecological Preserve Forest Carbon Project

2017-06-18 03:11

Distinctive features


The Boden Creek Ecological Preserve (BCEP) is a 5,213 ha private reserve located in southern Belize. Boden Creek Ecological Preserve (BCEP) is the owner and manager of the property. The property was purchased from the previous owner who was in the process of converting the property to a mix of agriculture (bananas and citrus primarily). BCEP leases the property to Belize Lodge and Excursions (BLE) for ecotourism.

The project area is 3,980 ha of the BCEP. The goals of the project are to conserve and protect the property to avoid emissions from planned deforestation and to protect biodiversity values, as well as to contribute to sustainable livelihoods through ecotourism. The project consists of protection of the property through patrols, outreach with and job creation for the local villages, and placing a restrictive covenant on the property deeds. The project achieved Climate, Community, and Biodiversity Standard Gold Level validation, reflecting its expected contribution to protecting the significant biodiversity resources conserved on the property and the critical location of the property in the immediate watershed of the Port Honduras Marine Sanctuary.

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