Moralt AG is a Carbon Neutral Company

Moralt AG is a Carbon Neutral Company

2014-11-16 20:29

“Human influence on the climate system is clear, and recent anthropogenic emissions of greenhouse
gases are the highest in history.” According to the recently published Fifth Assessment Report by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, the recent climate changes have had widespread impacts on human and natural systems.

Moralt AG is a Carbon Neutral CompanyMoralt AG has taken over responsibility for its carbon dioxide emissions and has engaged its business to actively fight climate changes. By obtaining climate certificates, its environmental impact will be fully offset in 2015.

Ever since the introduction of a quality management system, 20 years ago, Moralt’s environmental policy has become an important part of the company’s philosophy. „It has always been our aim to minimise our impact on the environment” stated Klaus Feile, CEO of Moralt AG.

Following this, Moralt AG has made an important contribution to voluntary climate protection. In the first step, the total sets of greenhouse gases, considering all sources, were defined and a company-related carbon footprint was generated. This individual assessment, based on international standards, helped to reduce the total amount of carbon dioxide and to improve the company’s climate impact. For emissions, which cannot be reduced nor avoided, the company offsets its emissions to become carbon neutral.

Moralt AG has decided to compensate its carbon dioxide emissions by investments in the climate protection project „Cikel Brazilian Amayon REDD APD Project – avoiding planned deforestation“ in Para state, Brazil. The project’s main activities are the cancelation of planned deforestation activities and the conservation of forest area through the continuation of limited FSC-certified forest management work, using low-impact logging practices. It also aims to intensify its efforts to support social development and maintain and improve biodiversity monitoring at the Rio Capim Complex under the framework of FSC certification and REDD. At the time of validation, the entire project area was FSC-certified.

The traditional company, Moralt in Bad Tölz, Germany, is manufacturer of door blanks and performance door solutions for interior and exterior use. Moralt’s sophisticated door systems with acoustic insulation as well as fire and smoke protection help to save live and health. Door solutions with thermal insulation or passive house solutions help to save heating costs, avoid unnecessary carbon dioxide emissions and improve livelihood for future generations. In March 2014, Moralt AG was the winner of the „Innovation Award Architecture + Window Door Façade“, which was awarded during the world’s leading exhibition fensterbau/frontale for windows, doors and façades in Nuremberg, Germany.

Moralt AG is a Carbon Neutral Company

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