Moralt AG joins the group of most innovative medium-sized companies – the “TOP 100”

Moralt AG joins the group of most innovative medium-sized companies – the “TOP 100”

2016-06-25 13:00

TOP Innovator 2016

The traditional Bavarian company has just been awarded this title of elite distinction by Ranga Yogeshwar. 

Bad Tölz / Hausham – Success built upon entrepreneurial vision: Moralt AG is honored to be acknowledged as one of Germany’s most innovative SMEs at the German SME Summit in Essen on 24 June. The company joins an exclusive group of prizewinners stretching back over more than 20 years as scientific journalist and TV presenter Ranga Yogeshwar awards it the “TOP 100” seal of approval. This award to Moralt AG is the outcome of a stringent two-stage analytical procedure by a team of research scientists.

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Since years Moralt AG has exclusively focused on producing specialist timber door blanks, developing performance door solutions and offering solid timber light weight panels. The “Top 100” seal winner is extremely well-established in this specialty business and successfully positioned even on the international market. What may seem like ‘squaring the circle‘ is Moralt’s everyday business: fire-resistant doors from wood! These can even be combined with specialist features, such as acoustic performance, smoke resistance as well as burglar deterrence and thermal insulation up to passive house standard and many more. Moralt, has developed outstanding solutions to enable the manufacturing of elegantly appealing and high-quality interior and exterior doors to meet high-end market demands. At the same time, Moralt AG’s door solutions provide unique USPs and meet the growing demands for sustainability. This is the reason why interior designers increasingly go for doors of licensed Moralt AG joineries when it comes to special buildings, such as the VIP area of the British Film Institute in London, Hong Kong’s first-class hotels or public buildings in the United Arab Emirates. The company's innovative success is reflected in its strong turnover, more than half of which is generated outside of Germany. Nationally and internationally, the company belongs to the leading group in its sector and holds numerous patents. Moralt AG is currently moving its business location from Bad Tölz to nearby Hausham, which is located close to Miesbach / Bavaria.

The selection committee has been awarding the “Top 100” prize for special innovation strength and outstanding innovation success to medium-sized companies. More than 4,000 companies showed their interest in this project this year. The research scientists use more than 100 parameters in five separate categories, such as “Innovation-friendly Senior Management", "Climate of Innovation", "Innovative Processes and Organization", "Innovations Marketing" and "Successful Innovations" to investigate how SMEs consistently generate as well as manage successful innovations.''

According to the panel, Moralt‘s particularly noteworthy “TOP 100” success factors are the integration of external partners in its development activities as well as its innovation marketing. For instance, Moralt AG initiates new projects in cooperation with their cooperation partners, timber distributors and license-approved producers. With respect to product design, the company works very closely with cooperation partners specialized in their fields, such as e.g. door accessories of performance doors. All these partners play a dynamic role and are important multipliers in promoting the product on the market. Moralt cooperates with project engineers, research institutions, test houses and diploma students regarding product and system implementation. In terms of the technical realization of the production process, the top innovator is in close exchange with specialty machine and plant engineers.

The “TOP 100” jury consists of a panel of prominent business people with science, media and political backgrounds. Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke is this project's scientific head who is one of the leading experts for user innovation in the world. Ranga Yogeshwar is the "Top 100" project mentor. Its project partner is the Fraunhofer Society for the Promotion of Applied Research. The “manager magazin” publication supports the corporate comparison here as official media partner. More information about TOP 100:

Today‘s "Top 100" award winner, Moralt AG, existes as a listed corporation since 2012. The origin of the company dates back to the year 1900, when master joiner August Moralt established his company. Very early, the traditional enterprise set new standards also regarding production and development of door blanks. Due to the constant release of newer and tougher laws, regulations and guidelines, it has become increasingly difficult and cost-intensive for door manufacturers to develop their own performance doors. Therefore, Moralt AG, as a manufacturer of door blanks, has taken on the role as a system provider over the years. Moralt performs extensive testing, shares its manufacturing know-how with interior design companies and door manufacturers and bestows licenses of according certificates so that licensees can produce performance doors in their own workshops locally. Thus, Moralt provides the technical and legal basis for architects and door makers to use their freedom of individual door design in accordance with the respective building project.

„This award really is a major honor for our company and a great pleasure for the whole Moralt Team“, says Klaus Feile, Managing Director of Moralt. „After Moralt AG won the Innovation Award Architecture in 2014, this honorable award is another confirmation that we are on the way to future success. At the same time it is a great motivation for our day-to-day work”.

The "Top 100" are first-rate in every respect: 97 national market leaders and even 32 world market leaders are present in this elite group. On average they achieved 40 percent of their turnover with the recent launch of market innovations and improvements. Their revenue growth was 28 percentage points above market average in their industry. Altogether the top innovators have filed 2,292 patent applications over the past three years. This great innovative power also pays off in working places: The ”Top 100” intend to employ around 9,500 new staff members within the next three years.

The Mentor of "Top 100", Ranga Yogeshwar, is impressed by the quality of the companies and hopes for a signal effect. “The way how the “TOP 100” generate new ideas from their pioneering products and services is literally remarkable. I am pleased that this award makes these qualities visible. I hope that this success encourages other companies to follow suit because the innovation culture will become more and more important for all companies in the future.”


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