Moralt AG receives the TOP 100 Innovation award for the second time!

Moralt AG receives the TOP 100 Innovation award for the second time!

2023-02-01 09:45

TOP 100 2023

Hausham, February 1, 2023

The traditional Bavarian business belongs to Germany’s innovation elite. Award through the TOP 100 mentor, Ranga Yogeshwar.

The TOP 100, the most innovative medium-sized German companies will be honoured again this year. Only the most innovative medium-sized companies can lay claim to this award, and Moralt AG is receiving it for a second time. As the mentor of the innovation competition, German science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar will personally congratulate Moralt AG on this success at the award ceremony on 23rd June in Augsburg.

Moralt AG is a specialist for timber door cores and door systems for performance, architectural doors. It is always about the function of a door core; fire- and smoke resistance, acoustic protection, security performance, thermal insulation right up to Passivhaus suitability. The high-quality Moralt core is the basis of an interior or exterior door in the premium, architectural door segment, which requires some unique characteristics while at the same time, also meeting growing sustainability and ecology demands. Doors from licensed Moralt partners are increasingly being used when it comes to buildings with an individual, bespoke design; be it in appointed residential homes or in public buildings – hotels, offices, schools - in which performances are required by building law.

Moralt AG is also internationally successful. About 70% of Moralt’s business is actually outside of Germany’s borders. Moralt is represented in European countries as well as in the UK and Middle East countries such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Oman. With its production site in Hausham near Miesbach, Bavaria, the company is one of the top companies in its sector, both nationally and internationally, and also has the relevant industrial property rights. Their best-known case study references include the Olympic Village in London, the conference center at the World Exhibition in Dubai 2020 and numerous luxury hotels such as Kempinski, Hilton, Hyatt, Mandarin Oriental and Bulgari.

The TOP 100 innovation competition, which has been established for 30 years, is aimed at medium-sized companies that demonstrate particular innovative strength. The competition is based on a scientific selection process. The evaluation is based on more than 100 criteria from five categories: innovation-promoting top management, innovation climate, innovative processes and organization, external orientation/open innovation and innovation success. An important test criterion is whether the innovative power of the company is just a product of chance or whether it is organized systematically and will therefore also be sustainable in the future.

The on-going innovative success of Moralt AG is fuelled by the involvement of external partners in development work and innovation marketing. Moralt initiates new projects together with commercial partners and also in some markets, licensees. In turn, technical cooperation partners who specialize in door accessories, for example, are closely involved in product design. After the market launch, all these partners form important technical and commercial multipliers in order to establish the result in the markets. Project engineers, research institutions, external testing institutes and university graduates also work on the product and system implementation as required. Special machine builders help with the technical implementation.

The TOP 100 jury consists of proven innovation experts from business, science, media and politics. The scientific director, Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke, with 26 research awards and more than 200 publications, is one of the world's leading innovation researchers. "The TOP 100 is about the question of how important the innovation goal is in the company," says Prof. Dr. Nicholas Franke. “Do routines and habits dominate or is the company able to question the status quo, to think creatively and to successfully assert itself on the market? We analyze this ability based on more than 100 test criteria,” he explains.

Moralt AG has been a stock corporation since 2012. All shares are owned by employees in the company. In total there are 15 shareholders, the Management Board holds 80% of the shares. In this way, all working shareholders participate in the company's own success. The origins of the company go back to the Master carpenter August Moralt in 1900. The traditional company set standards in the development and production of door blanks early on. As new and stricter laws, regulations and standards came into force, it became increasingly difficult and expensive for door manufacturers to offer doors with special functions. That is why Moralt AG, as the manufacturer of the door blanks, has increasingly taken on the role of system provider. Moralt carries out extensive test series and licenses the production know-how and the corresponding certificates to interior design companies and door manufacturers. Today, Moralt AG works in the European as well as in the British and American world of standards.

"This award is a great honour for us - a confirmation of our hard work, and a motivation for our efforts on a daily basis," says Klaus Feile, CEO and main shareholder of Moralt AG.

Moralt AG has been a climate-neutral company since 2015 and has also been a member of the Alliance for Development and Climate since 2020. Sustainable management is part of corporate policy. Moralt holds sustainability certificates for the use of wood as a raw material.


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